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The 'Seoul Character & Licensing Fair 2011'
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FP Studio has participated in the 'Seoul Character & Licensing Fair 2011' sponsored by KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency).

The Fair is held from 20 July to 24 July at the COEX located in Samsung-dong, Seoul, Korea and has been finisied successfuly  with customers' high concerns.

At this time, FP Studio displayed the 'MEOW TOWN' published by Manicfrog Inc., one of FP Studio's partner for North America.
Many children who are attended to the Fair really loved very cute cat characters of MEOW TOWN and loved to play with MEOW TOWN online service on Web.

MEOW TOWN is supposed to launch on SEP, 2011 and all relatives expect to have a great experiences with children of all over the world.

We hope you to join the MEOW TOWN right now!