Toon Viewer

    FP Studio's Toon Viewer Engine is a     personal cartoon publishing Engine to develop applications for the iPhone App Store. Using this easy and efficient engine, cartoonists, illustrators and other graphic artists can have their own apps.

'Udadada Family' for iPhone

The real(?) story of overweight family! Title is obesity and diet! Enjoy the frank and funny experiences happen by overweight family. Read more

Marine Blues" for iPhone

"Marine Blues" is one of the most popular character and cartoon(webtoon) in Korea, China and other Asia areas. Read more

   Digital Books

   The interactive digital book for    iPad is one of the main business of FP Studio. It contains qualified contents highly focused on the interactive features such as animation, music, voice dubbing and games.

"The wizard of OZ" for iPad

The wizard of OZ is an interactive Digital Book for iPad. Children can have an various experince through Kansas farm girl, Dorothy's adventure Read more

"Nutcrackers" for iPad

The "Nutcrackers" is an interactive Digital Book for iPad and iPhone. It is degisned for from 5 to 13 year old children with various contents. Read more

   Game & Other Apps

   FP Studio also develop mobile games for iPhone and some other applications about financial apps.

BigBang(Planet Breaker)

BigBang is a award winning puzzle game. The graphic concept of 'BigBang' gives players the insperation and curiosity about the universe. Main fun factor of this game is that Read more

Biz Book as a Money Book

BizBook application is a kind of money book to record your input or outfoot. It is preparing to upload statement. Coming soon!!! Read more