"BigBang(Planet Breaker)"

BigBang is an award winning puzzle game. You will love it no matter who you are:kid or grown up. The graphic concept of 'BigBang' gives players the insperation and curiosity about the universe. Main fun factor of this game is same as that of billiards with 3 balls.

How to Play

You have to hit 3 or more comets of same color so they disappear. The more comets disappear at once the more points you get!!

Step1. Use the direction key to move the reflection board.
Step2. Press the reflection board to shoot the planets and make the planets to collide to destroy them.
Step3. Destroy planets to gain energy.
Step4. The "Black Hole" gauge consists of 3 slots. When the gauge is full the black hole will be active. To fill the gauge, position the fire beams on one planet. The shooting process is the same. If the planet crosses the "deadline" near the bottom of the screen, the game is over.